Sunday School

It’s never too early to start learning about God, his message the Bible and Jesus. A good grounding in these things in childhood can give us sound principles for conducting our lives. 

The Christadelphians at Camden run a Sunday School every Sunday morning (except school holidays) in order to help parents with the important task of trying to bring children up with a knowledge of the Bible and its sure foundations upon which they can build their lives.

Sunday School starts at 9:15am Sunday mornings in the Camden Christadelphian Ecclesial Hall.

We welcome children of all ages from age 5 and over. We operate small class sizes which means the children get plenty of attention.

Sunday School begins with a hymn and prayer. This is followed by the lesson based on a small section of the Bible. Lessons are reinforced using art and craft work, drama, quizzes and written activity sheets. 

The School finishes about 10:30am with another hymn and prayer. Our lessons are designed to take the children through the whole Bible once every five years.

We aim to create a fun and exciting atmosphere in Sunday School where the things of God are reverenced and there is mutual respect between children and teachers. 

We hope your children will enjoy their time at Sunday School and make new friends.

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